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Feed your best friend the diet Nature intended
Raw food, please!
Owners who want healthy pets will always choose species appropriate raw food - feeding a diet that most closely resembles what your dog or cat would eat in the wild. Shown is a photograph of a dog and a cat who are looking at their owner expectantly as if they can't wait to eat healthy and species appropriate raw dog and cat food.
Calgary raw pet food made with great ingredients

Welcome to Back to Basics Raw Pet Food! Our goal at Back to Basics is to make feeding a raw, biologically appropriate diet more CONVENIENT and AFFORDABLE. Why feed raw? Because that is what dogs and cats are supposed to eat! Check out our raw vs cooked page for more info.

Back to Basics promotes REAL food for your dog and cat; with a great variety of foods that will provide dental benefits along with the many other benefits of feeding raw, fresh, species appropriate foods. Back to Basics is available at several retail locations in the Calgary area and also delivers pet food right to your door to provide the most convenient ways to feed your pet the best.

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Try Calgary's Back to Basics Raw Petfood today and get free delivery for your first order made for delivery in Calgary and up to 50 km from city limits!
Does your pet's breath know you out?? Check out our raw meaty bones! Shown is a dog looking at a delicious slab of meat. He's licking his lips in hunger.Feeding a natural diet will alleviate many modern day health problems such as allergies. Learn more aobut the benefits of raw food. Click here!Click here to read testimonials from Calgary area dog owners who have switched their dogs over to a raw diet.
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