"We got Vida when she was just 6 weeks old. Tiny little runt of the litter. She would not eat regular dog kibble of any kind. It was too hard for her to eat and she just did not seem to want it at all. So we tried feeding her raw dog food. She loved it and started to gain weight. She always knew what she needed and wanted even at 6 weeks old. The cartilage seems to really give her much chewing pleasure and cleans her teeth, where as kibble always got stuck in her gums.

Vida always had an instinct for life (vida) we just needed to listen to her. Dogs are smart they know what is good for them."








"We found Augie two years ago. She had been abandoned and was just hanging around watching cars go by. She was in rough shape, so we got her cleaned up and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. All except her breath. We tried brushing her teeth, giving her doggy breath mint biscuits and fed he a high end kibble food. Still, her teeth were very yellow, and her breath could knock your socks off.

After Kristi suggested we feed her raw meaty bones, we noticed a difference in her breath and teeth after two weeks. Augie likes to smile and now she has white, shiny teeth. She can now sit beside me in the cab of our truck and I can breath easy. I am sure her mouth feels much better as well. Dinner time was always an exciting and lightning quick event. Now, she is forced to slow down and enjoy ever bite. The chewing through the bones is very satisfying for her, and her facial expression shows it."





"Over the years I had heard that a Raw Diet was supposedly far superior to feeding kibble, but I also believed that if you fed a good quality dry food it would be equivalent if not better. It wasn’t until my dog became extremely sick and was unable to digest not only her regular high quality and high priced kibble, but also that of the vets, that I started to look at alternative food. Even when she recovered from her virus she had chronic diarrhea and was unable to keep weight on. In fact her coat was dry and brittle and she was losing weight to the point that I thought I would lose her. It was at that point after exhausting all other options, that I decided I had to try a Raw Diet.

The next problem I encountered was that the price of feeding Raw was astronomical especially in many pet stores which left me wondering how I could afford to feed her even though it was a necessity. Then Kristi opened Back To Basics, which has become a lifesaver for both myself and my dog. I can now relax knowing I am now able afford to feed her the best of a Raw Diet and because of this she is in the middle of a full recovery. No longer is her coat brittle but has instead come back black and glistening, she is putting on weight and as far as I’m concerned has never looked better. Back to Basics Raw Pet Food is by far the best thing to happen to the Calgary area for pet owners."


"This is a short note to thank you for your great product and service. I believe due to his diet his growth is above average. He is a pure bred German Shepherd and at 16 weeks is growing at a rate of 3lb per week. We were recommended to you by our breeder, Janzhouse Shepherds, and would gladly recommend you to everyone. Again thank you for the great service."










"Dear Back to Basics Raw Food,

Thank you so much for making my tummy feel better! My mommy had us on raw for awhile, and me specifically since I was a puppy! That’s why I am so handsome! Unfortunately she had switched my raw food as this company claimed to be free range, bacterial free and stemmed from Alberta. Being a caring mom, she swapped all 3 of us – and after a few months, she noticed little signs we were giving. Many times my brother Riley and I wouldn’t touch the food, especially that chicken and bison.. bleh! My sister Mei Mei, she eats everything though. She eats so fast she doesn’t even know what goes in and out!

My poop started turning black and Riley and I often got diarrhea, at least a few days a week. I’m a blue brindle and my parents always thought that is why I was pale skinned.. and my ears were always pale (not pink!).

My mom finally decided to change foods, pretty sure that something was wrong.. and since finding Back to Basics – she has been relieved.. she tells me! Plus.. I am super happy too – I gobble up that Beef Meal like no other.. it smells so much like human food – and my poops come out looking small and firm like they should be!

My colouring has darkened and I am happy that I no longer have to worry about having an upset tummy. My brother Riley even eats chicken now!!!!

My mommy always says, you pay for what you get, and she tells me Kristi helped her understand, learn and give suggestions on what we would enjoy and what to feed us and how often. She delivers on time so we don’t starve, and my mom never has to worry if she will email/call or show up – because that’s how accountable she is! Nothing beats having a friendly helpful person on the other end! Makes it a pleasure!

With the quality and the service – she says we are definitely as spoiled as ever – and it makes feeding raw easier – knowing she doesn’t have to worry about us, or the food. It just appears at the door, easy thaw (no leakage!!), prep and ready to be devoured!!

Thank you for making my mommy happy as that makes me happy!

PS: I love those special bones you have that keep our teeth clean and up our calcium intake! They are so meaty!

Love, Shogun (1), Riley (6) and Mei Mei (6.5)"


"Just thought I would let you know that Misha is doing great. She loves the raw food and I love how small her poops are ;)

The kitties are doing great. We are still letting them have a little dry food in the morning, but already they have way more energy (they were even playing with Misha yesterday) and way less trips to the litter box. One of the kitties loves the raw and one is still tentative (she makes sure there is nothing else for dinner first), but they are both eating it just fine."






"Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with your raw foods - my dogs love it! I am so glad I found your website and look forward to doing a lot more business.

• Digby is the Old English Sheepdog - 10 years old and has been on a raw diet for 4 years.

• Diogee is a Tornjak (Croatian Mountain Dog) 7 months old and has been on a raw diet for 3 months."






"Our Sambucca is 11 years old and has never been one to like dry dog food. We have tried every kind out there, and only had success if we added table scraps to the food. This only made things worse as then Sambucca didn’t want to eat any dry food at all.

In the past year we have seen a decline in his activity and energy level, and he just had no interest in eating at all. Since we started feeding him the raw food, the change has been remarkable. Sambucca rushes to his bowl now to see what we are giving him today!

His energy has increased two fold. He particularly loves the Tripe and the Buffalo bones. The Beef and Bison balancer does not last more than a few minutes before it is licked clean from the bowl! It has made us so happy to see him excited again, and his over all health seems to improve every day."





"I honestly believe having him on a well balanced, healthy, simple diet makes such a difference. When we would feed him kibble we could see his energy level change…and it wasn’t for the best.

He doesn’t have those super high spikes of energy anymore. Also in our backyard we had yellow patches and since having Rocky they seem to be going away not getting worse.

Curtis and I just want to say thanks for providing us a reasonably priced, healthy alternative to kibble.







"Rubee is huge and loving her food. I think you have a great business going and I am telling everyone about it!"











"The new puppy is doing GREAT! We are head over heels in love with the little guy and he LOVES the food you dropped off! The transition from kibble to raw was easier than expected. He had runny poo for the first day (which we knew he'd have) - but he's back to normal now. I'm going to have to order some more of the beef meal that you gave us. He devours it and then sits in the kitchen and cries for MORE! It's incredible how much this little guy can eat. He's going to be nothing short of a monster when he's full grown!

Our dogs LOVE your food! We won't buy anything else!"


"Kuzco, a 5 year old Long Haired Chihuahua had been gradually losing more and more hair. At a loss of what else to do, his owners decided to try him on Back to Basics Raw Pet Food. The pictures really do speak for themselves. Kuzco’s progress after 3 months on Back to Basics."


"Kristi, I could just hug you for all the amazing raw food! Neo is officially a new dog. Hubby is back home from his trip & raved about Neo looks/acts/etc. I need to post a testimonial on your site, as he is a dramatically different dog! He has NO smell now (not bad breath), his coat is glossy to sunglasses level, his eyes are bright & his teeth glow white. (No Crest strips needed!) He stopped itching his ears (& whining when he did), licking his paws & groaning when he plunked down. He has energy now but is more balanced & calm...if that makes sense. He is even. All I can say is he is -healthy-. Its remarkable!

I tell everyone when we walk him & make my friends nauseous (I am sure) with my babble...but RAW rocks. You rock for educating people & making this available for Calgary pets.

Thank you!




"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the product and service. Both our dogs are doing extremely well. The puppy has been on a raw diet right from the start, but my 16-year old dachshund had been fed on kibble all her life. I switched her to raw food as soon as the puppy came along and we have noticed remarkable changes in her. She dropped all of her excess weight and her fur is soft and shiny for the first time ever.

Thank you for setting up business here in Calgary. We never want to be without it.

Elke S."


"Wrigley has been eating raw food since January, and his breath no longer stinks! He also spends more time eating his food instead of gulping it down, and these bones can sometimes last him hours."










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