HeroDogTreats™ Bully Sticks 6"- Single

HeroDogTreats™ Bully Sticks 6"- Single
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HeroDogTreats™ Bully Sticks are high in protein, low in fat & packed with calcium, magnesium & taurine; important for bone, eye & heart health.  Chewing Bully Sticks promotes strong & healthy teeth while offering your HERO a long lasting chew.  Bully sticks are a natural product and will vary in size.  Weight of the bully stick will be between 25-40g.

Packaged in Canada, Product of Latin America.


To make Bully Sticks, the beef pizzle is cleaned, hung vertically, and then dried. The beef muscle is then slow-roasted and smoked to lock in the natural beef flavor that dogs love. Our proper preparation of Bully Sticks preserves them without having to use any chemicals, artificial preservatives or other unhealthy additives. Compared to other dog treats on the market, they are very durable and long lasting.


Unlike rawhide treats, where the beef hide is sometimes difficult to fully digest, Bully Sticks will not cause blockages in your dog’s stomach. Bully sticks are an entirely digestible treat and completely break down, so your dog has an easier time of passing them through. You don’t have to worry about blockages in their stomach, so you can have peace of mind while your dog spends days chewing away!


As with any treat supervision is recommended. Bully Sticks are 100% digestible, but be sure your dog isn’t breaking off huge pieces that can pose a choking hazard.

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